How long does it take?

We work on your schedule! Typically you’ll receive 2 initial design concepts from 2 professional designers within a week and then once you choose your favorite designer they will provide revisions based on your feedback and help you source the items (this usually takes one to three weeks). Our process can be expedited or extended based on your needs.

What happens once I select the winning design?

Once you choose your designer you’ll be in constant communication them and you may even tell them if you really liked something from another proposal. Your chosen designer will refine the design based on your feedback when completing the realistic 3D model & shopping list that’s included in your package.

What if I don’t like any of the design proposals?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t like any proposals, then simply contact us and we’ll pair you with another designer or offer more proposals to make sure we get it perfect.

What happens if I need to pause on the project

We understand that life can get busy and want to accommodate your schedule, so if you need to put your project on hold please contact us and let us know. Please note, that if a project remain inactive for 90 days, it cannot be refunded and may be considered as closed.

How will the designers know what I want?

Your decor brief and feedback will tell them. By completing our fun and interactive decor brief, you will provide designers with insightful information such as your personal design preferences, goals, room photos & measurements, budget plans, and personal likes/dislikes. After carefully reviewing your information, our professional designers will ask you questions and get to work, submitting tailor-made decorating ideas for you to preview.

Can I keep my existing furnishings?

Absolutely! As part of your décor brief you will be asked upfront what items you’d like to keep. We certainly can integrate your existing items into the new design.We just request that you provide us with two photos of each item that you want to keep and the dimensions of that item. There is no sales pressure to buy new furnishings.Our designers’ earnings are not commission based so you can be sure that they will be looking for the best deals for you. You tell us what you want to keep and what you don’t like and then you can buy the recommended items as you like.

Do I have to buy the items right away?

We can help with shopping and you can buy the items at your own pace. We can also incorporate your existing items and provide access our trade discounts anytime during or after your project.

Can I get revisions to the design I choose?

Yes! Designers thrive on guidance and love nothing more than creating a space that you absolutely LOVE. They’ll revise the initial proposal based on our feedback and you’ll also have 60 days follow-up support to provide comments and ask questions about your design.

How do I receive your exclusive furniture discounts?

Once you’ve purchased your design package, you’re in! You get immediate access to Decorilla discounts of 5%-45% off popular stores for your space. Just click on the “shop” area for instructions. Our exclusive discounts often cover the cost of the design fees and help us make the most of every budget – No matter how big or small.