The team

Agnieszka Wilk - Chief Inspiration Officer
Agnieszka Wilk
Chief Inspiration Officer
Agnieszka began Decorilla through a complicated course involving finance, real estate, travel, relocating, and caffeine. She has an honors degree in Business Administration from the University of Windsor and has used her analytic and organizational skills to improve process efficiency in her past and present roles. Her love of helping others makes her extremely in-tune to people’s unique needs and her passion for design drives her to relentlessly explore how technology can make interior design more accessible and engaging.

Agnieszka is an avid rollerblader, and a so-so cook despite her best efforts. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the city in the hope of finding the best frozen yogurt.

Joshua Shammay - Chief Code Couturier
Joshua Shammay
Chief Code Couturier
Josh is our Chief Technology Officer with an honors degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales and years of experience as part of King & Wood Mallesons’ multi-award winning web development team. At Decorilla, Joshua and his team are constantly working on innovative features to create a compelling user experience and searching for cutting-edge technologies to be used on our website.

When he’s not working on Decorilla, Joshua can be found surfing, programming robot dogs to play soccer, and testing his mobile internet coverage in some of the world’s most remote places - such as the Everest Base Camp, where he surprisingly found a good connection!

Joyce Tranchida - Resident Interior Designer
Joyce Tranchida
Resident Interior Designer
Joyce’s experiences as an interior designer, architect, graphic artist, and most recently creator of an internationally recognized furniture line for Lazzoni Furniture have led her to believe that the confluence of design and technology is where it is at.

She pursues design with enthusiasm and loves to teach other designers to create compelling 3D visualizations that convey personality and emotion. Joyce exercises her networking skills to recruit top designers and create an engaging, immersive, and fun community among them. Her goal at Decorilla is to keep quality content flowing with a coordinated and cohesive design. In former lives Joyce’s love of teaching others has led her to instruct graphic design as well as sushi and sake tasting classes.

When she’s not working at Decorilla, Joyce can be found RVing across the country and visiting every quirky roadside attraction along the way.

Joshua van Aalst - Innovation Officer
Joshua van Aalst
Innovation Officer
Joshua is our digital product lead, with an MBA from MIT and a Masters of Technology from the University of New South Wales. He is also a digital product leader at a Top 10 US financial services company, rolling-out digital cash management & lending for the company’s retail clients. Joshua has held senior roles at companies such as IBM as well as early stage start-ups, and is known for bringing order to chaos, pouring process, and bringing initiatives that build the bottom line. He likes to figure things out and make them happen, getting people working together toward a common goal.

In his past life, Josh could be found DJing at super clubs. Now you can find him swimming laps in the pool, and taking every excuse to make a spreadsheet.

John Gist - User Experience Guru
John Gist
User Experience Guru
John is an award winning user experience designer with a background in commercial advertising, financial services and entertainment. Prior to working at Decorilla, John worked as a Senior Information Architect at Morgan Stanley and at night consulting for several NYC based startups and video game companies. He received his BS in Digital Design at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning.

Outside of Decorilla, John can be found purchasing Groupon classes that he will never use and searching for the perfect hamburger

Lukasz Snopkiewicz - Lead Full-Stack Developer
Lukasz Snopkiewicz
Lead Full-Stack Developer
Luke is a lead developer, all aspects of both back-end and front-end development are his fortés! Working closely with the Decorilla team he keeps all the code bugs at bay, and works on implementing new, amazing features. He’s very passionate about mastering his craft, and no challenge is ever too big for him to overcome. With years of experience with various frameworks, and projects of all scopes and sizes he always brings efficient and out of the box solutions to the table.

In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, especially of the horror and sci-fi genres. He’s a keen video games player, as well as maker too - with a special fondness towards everything retro. He can be seen staying active, outdoor swimming being one of his favorite things to do - even in the coldest of temperatures!

Anna Tatsioni - Director of Operations
Anna Tatsioni
Director of Operations
After being a Decorilla interior designer for over four years and completing hundreds of projects, Anna is now officially a Director of Operations... and a great one at that!

She is able to wear many hats and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She has a degree in Architecture from the School of Engineering of Patras University and a Master of Science in Monuments' Management from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Anna has worked on all kinds of client projects from residential to commercial and architectural too. She has participated in architectural competitions obtaining awards and special mentions with Greek architecture practices. She found out that her real passion is improving her clients’ everyday life. Interior design for better living. She loves bold colors, modern furniture and DIY projects.

When she is not working at Decorilla, you will find her playing peek-a-boo with her 1.5 year old daughter and spending time with her family and friends.

Vincent Gloaguen - Senior Full-Stack Developer
Vincent Gloaguen
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Vincent is our senior full-stack developer with a diploma from the department of Computer Science at the University of Orsay and more than 8 years of experience. At Decorilla, Vincent works within his team to improve each day the user experience and add countless functionalities that will make the user’s life easier.

In his spare time, you can find him diving all around the world as well as in every new restaurant he can try!

Monica Waimin - Customer Care Manager
Monica Waimin
Customer Care Manager
Monica is our Customer Care Manager. She has a Bachelor's degree in marketing with a specialization in advertising and customer service. Monica has a great eye for determining a client's needs and finding them the fastest solution. From working with advertising agencies to interior design, Monica is convinced that a client's good review is the best attestation to a job well done.

In her spare time, Monica loves going on road trips, exploring the outdoors, mountains and camping. She's also saving money to buy herself a pony!

Pete Pejcic - Project & Sales Designer
Pete Pejcic
Project & Sales Designer
Pete is our Project & Sales Designer with a wide experience in customer service and a background in service desk, designers support and project consulting. He has an honors degree in Industrial Management and years of international experience. Pete prioritizes customer requests and finds the best practices at providing structured guidance to support them using the latest technology available.

In his spare time, Pete can be found composing, playing music, and cooking Thai and Chinese food.

Quentin Thiery - Sales Wizard
Quentin Thiery
Sales Wizard
Quentin works to help clients start their projects and help them along the way as a Customer Care and Sales Agent. While he is not a designer or architect, Quentin strives to excel at every aspect and task he is responsible for, as well as whatever is asked of him in any facet of work.

In his spare time, Quentin - or Q as everybody calls him - can be found playing basketball, watching TV, reading, and traveling the world as much as he can and experiencing the unique foods of different cultures.

Samantha Waimin - Designer Recruitment Expert
Samantha Waimin
Designer Recruitment Expert
Samantha is our Designer Recruitment Expert. She is a dedicated interior designer with an eye for human resources. Sam began her journey in the design world at a young age thanks to her grandmother. Then she received her degree in Interior Design and has since found her niche at Decorilla. Sam loves to engage with designers and guide them into becoming stars in the Decorilla family!

In her spare time, you will find her snorkeling, reading a book, or eating tacos. She has a thing for cheese too.

Giselle Alvarez - Customer Care Representative
Giselle Alvarez
Customer Care Representative
Giselle is one of our dedicated Customer Care Representatives. After over 10 years of working in customer service, she enjoys forming lasting relationships with the clients that she serves. Interior design combines her passion for creating, mixing and matching, and bringing ideas to life. She loves minimalistic designs with a personal spark of bright colors and a touch of coziness.

In her spare time, as a mother of a four-year-old, Giselle is either building Lego sets or playing ball. She also loves photography; mostly capturing the colors and shapes of nature with her favorite place on Earth being the beach. Taking long drives listening to good music is her stress-relieving therapy.

Karla Gisselle Duron - Customer Care Representative
Karla Gisselle Duron
Customer Care Representative
As a Customer Care Representative, Karla exercises her hard and soft skills to help clients as much as possible. She never says never and works hard to find the answers and solutions needed in any situation. Karla is a problem solver and fully commits to any task she's assigned.

In her spare time, you may find Karla dancing, exercising, or just watching romantic series, as she imagines herself ending up with a real-life prince charming. She says while waiting for that to happen, romantic series fill that dream pretty well.